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Exploring the Exciting New Features on Our Revamped Website

Dear Residents,

Thank you for opting back into our subscription list for our new website. This post will cover some important information, including some great new features to look forward to.

(1) Improved news pages: Rather than uploading the entire Ridge Report, a new "News" section has been created to post important articles from the report. The past three (3) Ridge Reports may still be accessed on our website under Ridge Reports.

(2) As mentioned above, our Ridge Reports will remain available in full form. However, to improve access to important information, older reports will be removed in favor of new ones. All important articles which may be needed in the future will be transferred to the relevant page (such as the "News" page).

(3) Documents: We are still working on linking our documents, such as the Articles of Incorporation and Architectural Specifications. We hope to get these documents up as soon as possible.

(4) Feedback: We are always looking to improve user experience. Your feedback is valuable in building a better community through our website. Please feel free to provide use with your feedback through our Google Form ( The form does require you to be logged in as a spam prevention measure.

(5) More to come: Our website is still evolving. There are many projects currently in the pipeline to help improve user experience. Stay tuned for more features and improvements.

Thank you for your patience during our transition between websites.


The California Ridge Web Team

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